Saturday, November 12 | 18:00 | Theater im Werftpark

Language: Arabic | Running time: approx. 60 minuten| German premiere

Performed by SOUAD JANATI

We witness at least three phases of time in the life of Mira, a street performer who makes puppets out of straws and canvas. The show begins with the arrival of a letter from Mira’s lover warning her of the horrors of terrorism and fascism. We follow Mira as she works, laughs, aspires, and falls in love – she enjoys her work and her life is simple and quiet. But then, all of a sudden, everything changes and she finds herself tortured randomly, a casualty of the very terrors the letter foretold.

Mira poignantly performs her own interrogation – it is an act of violence with the reverberating impact. Her spirit is broken, but she does not seek revenge.

The script can be seen as a warning that it is always the simple, decent person who falls victim to political games.

Souad Janati participated in various international festivals and received several awards for her solo performances.

Directed by  Hichem Houari Boussahela

Photo:  Safiane Mokhtar

Produced by Mosaic Theatre
Supported by Institut Français Kiel.
In cooperation with and supported by Mohammed Saif Al Afkham (President of International Theatre Institute ITI wordwide) and Monodrama Forum, Fujairah.

Algerien Algier

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