the story of larry
 admission free 

Sunday, Mai 12|12 noon|KulturForum |

Language: German
Running time: approx. 20 min.


How much adventure can you pack into a fruit tea box?

Long Beach, California; early 1980s: Larry is an average American who is determined to fly. Driven by his big dream, he sets himself up in his garage and starts building. The heart of his flying machine are a lawn chair and some balloons.

Moritz Praxmarer invites you to the kitchen table and, over a cup of tea, he tells the true story of Larry Walters, the most flightless pilot who ever took off. A box of tea bags, a cup, a lighter and a knife are enough to weave a wild tale exploring the endless chase after one’s dreams. A humorous piece of storytelling and minimalist object theatre.

Moritz Praxmarer is a Switzerland-based actor and performance artist working with a wide variety of media. He is part of the collective Hotel Regina creating site specific performances.

Titel: The Story of Larry
Written and performed by: Moritz Praxmarer
Director: Dirk Vittinghoff
Mentoring: Lukas Bangerter, Regine Fritschi

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