ash-tree love

Tuesday, May 14|6 p.m.|Schauspielhaus (Studio)

Language: German
Running time: approx. 60 min.


ASH-TREE LOVE tells the unusual love story of a man and a tree. A story in which the protagonist makes the bold claim that with this love the chapter of sexuality must be rewritten. One summer night he talks himself into a frenzy that gradually turns into despair as dry leaves fall on him from his beloved “ash-tree”.

The renowned Freiburg playwright Theresia Walser writes a role perfectly tailored to Steve Karier. Is it a relationship comedy for one person or an environmental farce in times of climate change? How do we actually perceive our natural environment? What kind of a relationship does an individual human being have to the nature that surrounds him – in the park or in his own garden? And anyway: why are love stories between humans and trees so rare?

Director: Daliah Kentges

A co-production of Kunstfest Weimar and Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg Fundamental a.s.b.l.
In cooperation with Kultur|lx – Arts Council Luxembourg.

Photo: Thomas Müller

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