rest in a glas

Monday, May 13|8 p.m.|KulturForum

Language: German
Running time: approx. 80 min.


Life of the real estate agent Max is all about hopes, defeats, desires and power, manipulation of other people, but also longing for love. Friendship, love, sex, success, addiction, stupidity and alleged cleverness blend into or are confused with one another. It remains to be seen what wins in the end. Will it be love or greed? Only one thing is clear: without love, everything is in vain. And Max is in all of us.

Edward Albee and Charles Bukowski clearly influenced Karl-Friedrich Reinhardt’s text. He admits that “his life in and with the theater” began with them. Christian Jungwirth is an actor, dubbing speaker (i.e. for Bavaria Radio), author and journalist, and is co-founder of the Zimmertheater Uffing.

Vor der Vorstellung gibt es eine Stückeinführung auf Deutsch und Englisch.

Director: Matthias Olof Eich

Photo: Barbara Jungwirth

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