Life of Diogenes

Monday, May 13|6 p.m.|Die Pumpe 

Language: German
Running time: approx. 65 min.

von und mit PETER TRABNER

Peter Trabner is a primal force on stage and has incredible talent for improvisation. His brilliant one-man shows are exciting, funny, clever and brimming with spontaneity. With his DEATH OF EMPEDOCLES, Trabner delivered a gripping piece on the climate crisis at the last THESPIS Festival in 2022 and made the connection between consumption and environmental destruction clear. His new work LIFE OF DIOGENES also takes a critical look at our consumer society.

Peter Trabner climbs into the barrel with Diogenes and philosophizes about what drives people in today’s turbo-capitalist times. Why we get rid of excess things only to accumulate new ones. Why leasing contracts always keep us up to date with the latest technology, banks bundle our loans, but we still admire the tidying expert Marie Kondō because she questions whether our sweater still makes us happy. Is what Diogenes demanded in ancient Greece – to renounce the consumption – still possible today?

Director: Peter Trabner


Photo: Jaqueline Friedrich

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