a life in my bag

Sunday, November 13 | 12:00 | KulturForum

Running time: approx. 60 minutes | German premiere

Written, directed and performed by NOZOMI SATOMI

Ten years have passed since the Japanese artist Nozomi Satomi disappeared into a large paper bag at the end of her show at Thespis 2006. Now she and her bag are back. That is what Nozomi says about her new show:

“My skin covers my body. I cannot get out from my skin. It protects me and separates me from other people. My skin is yellow like butter, they say. But what do they know. It is not yellow, same as white is not white, and black is not black. All that I have is this bag. It may be yellow, blue or brown; sometimes it is white. The bag is like my body, but it does not protect me. I can tear the bag and face other people. It’s not a problem, not at all…”

Nozomi Satomi has been one of most exceptional talents in Japanese theatre landscape. Her performances have their background in pantomime and the Japanese Noh and Kyogen* theatre tradition, but she has developed her own and unique style and a way of expression. Her shows are usually not in any particular language; she makes use of her body and voice and some quite unusual props. In the capable hands of Joji Takahashi, the accompanying musician, even stones turn to musical instruments. Her show “Who Am I?” received the main award at the 5th Thespis Festival in 2006.

Directed by  Nozomi Satomi

Musical accompaniment  Joji Takahashi

Photo  Axel Nickolaus


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