dzin. poem 

Wednesday, November 12 | 16:00 | Theater im Werftpark

Language: Russian | Running time: approx. 40 minutes  German premier

Junior-Event | Recommended for audiences 12 years and over

Written by NARINE GRIGORYAN based on a poem by NATHALIE FILLION performed by NARINE GRIGORYAN

She was born into this world
And it is strange to her.
Her name is Dzin.
Dzin is just a nickname.
Round, sensitive, frail
Drop of pure water.
She lives among us.
Please listen to the story of the drop.
What a life she has! Until her death.
And then, what comes next? Dissolve.
And then? Evaporate.
Where to? To the sky.
When? Now.


How adventurous can the life of an ordinary drop of water be? How many exciting things can it learn while falling from the sky to the ground, and then travelling to the river, to the sea and to the vast ocean? The show is an attempt to actually play the poem “Dzin” by Nathalie Filion whose subtle poetry reflects the relationship between the small and the great, between the individual and the collective. It is an exceptional show, full of beauty and musicality.

Ruben Babayan  Director
Alina Aleksanyan  Stage design
Claude Debussy, international folk music  Music

A Yerevan State Puppet Theatre after Hovhannes Tumanyan production.
Armenien Armenia

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