human form 1

Tuesday, November 11 | 20:00 | Schauspielhaus (Studio)

Running time: approx. 65 minutes  

Written and performed by  MINAKO SEKI

„Human Form 1“ – a dance piece that explores the theme of form and substance had its premiere in Barcelona in 2011. It is designed as five sequences of movements with objects or entities that can assume human form (human body, puppet, corpse, robot and incorporeal spirit).

Inanimate objects can be made look alive. But what happens, when it is the other way round – if human beings give up on their identities and are reduced to puppets, works of art in human form? In her performance, Minako Seki blurs the boundary between the human body and the artificial creature; she makes fantasy and reality intertwine. By stripping the human body to just its form, she is trying to reach the space between the physical and the artificial reality.

Minako Seki is a Berlin-based, Japan-born dancer, choreographer and teacher.

In the 1980s, she brought the Butoh-dance to Europe. Minako has created more than fifty solo and company pieces and often worked as guest choreographer (i.e. for SheShePop and Showcase Beat Le Mot). She performed her solo pieces all over the world: in Europe, in South & North America, in Arab countries and in Japan.

During the last twenty years Minako has developed the Seki Method – a technique of dance training and self-care based on transforming the principles of physics and biology into the dancing body.


Minako Seki  Director and Choreographies
Zam Johnson  Music
Ulrich Heemann  Photo

A Minako Seki Company production.
Japan Deutschland Germany

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