monika jaeger – inside stasi

Friday, May 17|6 p.m.|Flandernbunker

Language: German
Running time: approx. 60 min.


“If you are on the right side, everything is justified,” says the title character in the documentary monodrama MONIKA HAEGER – INSIDE STASI and sees this as legitimation for immoral actions. Betrayal, fraud and lies ensure her success as an unofficial state security employee. What fills her with pride in her zealous service for what she sees as a good cause plunges others into misfortune.

The piece tells GDR history based on the case of Monika Haeger (1945-2006) and shows state’s injustice. Raised in a socialist orphanage, Haeger became a loyal GDR citizen and Stasi employee. She spies on a women’s group led by the civil rights activist Bärbel Bohley. Haeger’s work led to arrests, interrogations, imprisonment, and at times expatriation from the GDR.

Author/director Nicole Heinrich spent three years researching her impressive documentary and, together with actress Anja Kimmelmann, received widespread praise for it.

Director: Nicole Heinrich

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