Thursday, May 16|8 p.m.|Schauspielhaus (Studio)

Language: English
Running time: 69 min.

by and with PIP UTTON

Charlie Chaplin is arguably the most important artist that cinema has produced, certainly its most extraordinary performer and probably still its most universal icon.

In his highly praised monodrama, THESPIS veteran Pip Utton, who comes to Kiel for the tenth time, delves into Chaplin’s soul.

In the early hours of Christmas Day 1977, an old man shuffles around tiredly, makes himself a cup of tea and begins to talk conversationally about his life: his many great successes, his achievements, his obsessive search for perfection, his dark and impoverished beginnings, his love-hate relationship with America and his irresistible passion for young women throughout his life. The audience is drawn more and more into his story.

But the tone gradually changes, and it soon becomes clear that we are in the presence of two personalities. Pip literally steps in and out of the screen becoming Chaplin, stripping away the myths and revealing the man beneath.

Director: Geoff Bullen

A Pip Utton Theater Company production 

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