none without the other

Friday, May 17|8 p.m.|Schauspielhaus (Studio) | Double Performance with Bea Ehlers-Kerbekian | First Performance

Language: German
Running time: approx. 110 min. (20 min. break)


“Discovering the world in words” could be the aim of the expedition, with which the actress Bea Ehlers-Kerbekian, the composer and cellist Bo Wiget and the director and actor Martin Engler venture into the unknown, the monstrous and immediate presence of Heißenbüttel’s universe.

The first part of the evening, a linguistic-musical momentary composition, uses Helmut Heißenbüttel’s poetic instruments: verbal devices and acrobatics, quote collages and overlays, fragments in new contexts with which patterns of reality are declined and certainties are revoked in the blink of an eye.

Director: Martin Engler
Music: Bo Wiget

Photo: Martin Engler

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