Friday, November 16|20:00|Pumpe

Language: English |Running time: ca. 60 min.

Performed by IBRAHIM MIARI

IN BETWEEN is a semi-autobiographical one-man show that portrays the complexities and contradictions inherent in Palestinian-Israeli identity. Ibrahim Miari seems to stand on the precipice between two cultures. He recalls his childhood in Acre, memories of his Jewish and Palestinian grandmothers, of war, and of the struggle to shape and understand his own multi-faceted identity. Questions surrounding his identity become even further complicated by his imminent marriage to a Jewish American woman.

Already as a child, Miari bounced from a Jewish school, where he was Avram, to an Arab school, where he was Ibrahim and celebrated independence day among his Israeli-flag-waving Jewish friends, while his Arab friends commemorate that day as “the catastrophe.”

“Both sides are equally misunderstood”, Miari says. He has learned to just “try to listen and understand,” because what’s really needed are efforts not to defend, but to educate.

Ibrahim Miari is a theater artist and educator – graduate of Boston University’s Theater Education program. He is also Sufi dancer and sacred dances instructor.

Directed by Elena Araoz (based on Christine Hamel’s workshop production)
Music design Ben Schwedener
Dramaturgy David Gram
Photo Andrew Brilliant/Brilliantpicturesinc.

Supported by the U.S. Consulate General, Hamburg


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