the event

Thursday, November 18|6 p.m.|Schauspielhaus (Main Stage)

Language: English | Duration: approx. 60 minutes

by John Clancy
with David Calvitto

A man stands in a pool of light on the empty stage, claims to be an actor (but who else would you expect there). His monologue is intelligent, light and witty. He talks about the theatre, about a play, about “the event”. Then he starts deconstructing the entire theatre-going experience to draw striking parallels between stage and our everyday lives: What if all that we believe is happening to us in reality, is just an illusion, a dodgy fantasy designed to make us forget all the important things and create a kind of collective amnesia? Is every one of us just a solo performer on a private stage? Are we in the dark or is it dark outside? Are we the ones that we think we are, or are we just pretending – all of us just good actors in a bad play? The monologue is funny and you get the jokes but there’s deadly seriousness behind all this cute lightness and effortlessness.

After his celebrated first appearance at THESPIS in 2010, the New York actor David Calvitto returns with his internationally multiple award-winning solo show to Kiel.

John Clancy Regie

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