butoh medea

Tuesday, November 13|18:00|Schauspielhaus (Studio)

Language: English |Running time: ca. 60 min.

Performed by YOKKO

Inspired by Medea Myth and Greek tragedy, and using the Japanese Butoh Dance, Yokko brings the spirit of Medea to life. This fusion of Eastern dance and Western drama invites the audience inside Medea’s dark and desperate struggle. Trapped in the underworld, she is forever cursed to relive her tragic journey through love, hate, and ultimate loss.

Yokko is performer, choreographer, actor and Butoh artist. She choreographed, created and acted in several Japanese and international shows, Her work is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and she collaborates with other artists blending different cultures into her projects.

BUTOH MEDEA is a multi-awards winning production at United Solo 2014, (best one-woman show, best lighting design, best costume design and best choreography), and was presented at several other international festivals.

Directed by Brian Rhineart
Concept & Choreography by Yokko
Written by Sean Michael Welch
Co-choreographed by Jordan Rosin
Costume design Deepsikha Chaterjee
Light design Derek Van Heel
Sound design Ren Gyo Soh

Japan / USA

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