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Sunday, May 12|12 noon|KulturForum

Language: Polish, German, English
Running time: approx. 120 min. 


Family, friends, artistic creation, chance encounters and personal connections are the themes of this special event at the last edition of THESPIS. These topics have always been particularly important to festival director Jolanta Sutowicz, and this is exactly how she would like to say good-bye to the Festival – in the presence of friends, companions and family, and in the form of dreams, fairytale stories and memories.

There is an inner child in each of us who sleeps peacefully and snores softly. Just a few nice verses are enough to wake it up. Anna Zadęcka will try it by reciting several funny but also wise poems by Malgorzata Stanuch.

Guests: ANNA ZADĘCKA, actress, graduate of the State Theater School in Kraków, branch in Wrocław, Department of Puppetry, postgraduate studies at the University of Łódź with a focus on cultural management. She presents UNUSUAL CASES OF THE FOREST COMMUNITY, fairy tales and poems written by:
MALGORZATA STANUCH (cousin of Jolanta Sutowicz), trained fisheries engineer and poet;
KRZYSZTOF ZANUSSI, Polish film, theater and opera director;
TOMEK LIS, Institute for Slavic Studies, CAU Kiel, moderation and translation.
MORITZ PRAXMARER, actor, object-theater-maker and performance artist

In Cooperation with Institut für Slavistik der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.

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