from the front and from behind

Friday, November 18|6 p.m.|Flandernbunker

Language: Polish(with english subtitles)
Running time: 60 minutes


FROM THE FRONT AND FROM BEHIND focuses on the 18th century Poland just before it finally loses its sovereignty after the 3rd partition. In his satirical novel, originally intended as a PhD thesis, Karol Zbyszewski ridicules politicians from opposing camps, the clergy, the army, the gentry, practically all social classes. He spares neither the king nor Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz (poet, playwright, and statesman; central figure of Polish 18th century cultural life with considerable moral influence, a leading advocate for the Constitution of 3 May 1791, and the author of the popular political comedy The Return of the Deputy). Zbyszewski ridicules heavy drinking, laziness, recklessness, love of empty slogans and gestures, false religiousness, political and domestic vexations, and other vice, making the whole Polish society responsible for the partitions of Poland.

The stage adaptation of Zbyszewski’s novel presents a gallery of fools lead by the biggest of them – the King.

The show was presented at several Polish festivals and received almost a dozen theater awards.

Stanisław Miedziewski – Director
Magdalena Franczak – Costume

Photo: © Bartek Żurawski


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