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the vocal practices.
a workshop

Monday, November 15| Tuesday, November 16 | Wednesday, November 17 | 2-6 p.m.| Die Pumpe

with Ewa Benesz

„The vocal practices surprise us for their simplicity and for the extreme rigor with which they hold the attention of the singer. It is not only a vocal exercise. A song is not a lengthening of thought, spoken out loud, nor is it the will to seek an expression. It is the sonority of breathing, the resonance of sound in the body and in space. The vocal practices come from ancient Oriental traditions, from anthropological research on chants, from the experience in Jerzy Grotowski’s Theatre Laboratory – Institute of Actor in Wroclaw,

Ewa Benesz

Ewa Benesz, Polish actress, holds a BA from the University of Lublin and a diploma from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw. She worked in Jerzy Grotowski’s Laboratory Theater. Since 1997 she has conducted paratheatrical and theatrical workshops. She lives in the Sardinian mountains, where she conducts a practical research inspired by the ancient Sanskrit Vedic texts and cosmogonist myths.

The three-day workshop for a maximum of 15 people takes place in cooperation with the School for Drama, Kiel.

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For registration and further information, please contact: festival@thespis.de

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