the conversation

Saturday, May 18|6 p.m.|Schauspielhaus (Studio) 

Language: Ukrainian, with german subtitles
Running time: approx. 50 min. 

based on a short story by LESYA UKRAINKA

THE CONVERSATION is a classic short story by the Ukrainian artist Lesya Ukrainka (1871–1913). Lidiya Danylchuk’s first stage adaptation of this text is a captivating confession of an actress and diva, in which she reveals details about her dramatic life, her love affairs and her passion for the theater. She doesn’t mince her words, neither when it comes to her sex and the description of the price she pays for her talent, nor when reflecting on the cruelty of both everyday life and the art, as well as the ambivalence of success and defeat.

The celebrated Ukrainian actress Lidiya Danylchuk and her long-time director Iryna Wolytska are considered pioneers of experimental theater in their homeland. Lidiya Danylchuk has participated in THESPIS several times since 2006; most recently in 2022 as part of the solo project FIVE WOMEN SAY NO.

Director and stage adaption: Iryna Wolytska


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