schiller rave

Saturday, November 12|7 p.m.|Schauspielhaus (Große Bühne)

Language: German
Running time: 100 minutes


At the beginning, there are chimes that echo in the dark auditorium. They are loud, bright, dull, and cracking. Philipp Hochmair comes onto the stage. Light and music start. Three musicians provide the sound. From now on finest German poetry meets electro beats. These Schiller ballads are all about action heroes. “Polycrates’ Ring” is a war story, a pure adventure. “The Glove” is about the courage to conquer a lion and the heart of a lady, and “The Hostage” about an almost superhuman friendship.
The language, the rhythm – everything in this show – is eruptive, dynamic, performed with high energy and yet controlled, formed in verses and stanzas. As the beats get harder and harder, Hochmair becomes more and more of a construction worker at the Schiller word quarry.
SCHILLER RAVE is overpainting and liberation at the same time. The supposedly old texts are sources of energy. From a quick number to the soul trip, everything is possible here. As Hochmair has put it: “The ballads are a source of ignition that we want to burn off with the machinery of our devices”.
With his solo projects SCHILLER RAVE and EVERYMAN RELOADED, Philipp Hochmair has created a cross-genre music theater format. We are very happy to welcome him again at Thespis.

Tobias Herzz Hallbauer – Guitar/Sampler
Jörg Schittkowski – Synthesizer, Electronics, Sound Machines
Rajko Gohlke – Electronics, Sound FX, NoiseToys
Bastien Eiffler – Schlagwerk/Elektro-Percussion
Hanns Clasen – Light and Sound Design
Lucia Flaig – Video

 Photo: © Heike Blenk

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