voyage, voyage: on the road with lemon queen

Monday, November 14|8 p.m.|KulturForum

Language: Polish
Running time: 1 hour

Boguslawa Schubert, Polish theatre, film and television actress known at home as the “Lemon Queen”, looks back on her eventful life in this personal and surprising performance which she prepared especially for Thespis. She speaks and sings (in Polish and French) while going through her numerous artistic stations, starting with first acting experiences in Warsaw, followed by years of work in France, and return to her Polish homeland.

The show is about the love of acting, crises, and new beginnings. And about Schubert’s rebirth as the “Lemon Queen”: “For 8 years, I have been mixing pots full of lemons, herbs and spices, mixing, purring, whispering spells and then pouring the potion into pots. Liquid gold, lemon jam…for fun, for lemon life, for sustenance – for a lemon journey.”

An unforgettable hour full of love, jokes – and lemons.

Boguslawa Schubert – Director

Photo: Eliza Kostrzewa


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