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Monday, November 15|4 p.m.|Kulturforum

based on the diary of Anne Frank
with Rima Pipoyan

The solo performance by Armenian dance artist Rima Pipoyan is based on Anne Frank’s diary and a poem written by an unknown 12-year-old girl.

The actions carried out during the performance develop in two ways: on the stage and on the screen as a film.

The movie narration starts at the end and plays backwards as the action progresses on stage from start to finish. All scenes in the film and movements on stage are shown separately, but they complement each other and form an integrated whole.

Rima Pipoyan Director, Choreography, Libretto
Anna Segal Music
Davit Grigoryan Film director
Rima Pipoyan, Davit Grigoryan Screenplay
Anna Segal, Elena Rykova Music
Melqon Minasyan Camera
Alexander Baghdasaryan Editing
Nare Ghazaryan Equipment

Ivan pl Marenic Photo

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